ReliqN-qiaといった別名義での制作を経て届けられた5作目。ビートの自由度が広がり、エモーションが表出したかのようなヴォイス・サンプルも多用されてはいるものの、一聴してそれとわかるオリジナリティーはさらに洗練され、多幸感溢れる“happy turner”や切なさ極まる“nous”など14もの楽曲に結実。素顔もプロフィールも謎のままですが、作風は一歩先に歩みを進めた印象。新章に突入したことを予感させる一枚です。

[English Translation]
This is the fifth release from an artist who has also produced under the monikers Reliq and N-qia. Serph uses beats that spread freely and many emotional voice samples to conjure up his sophisticated originality upon first listen. The 14-song album brings tracks like the euphorigenic "happy turner" and the wistful "nous" into fruition. Serph's face and profile are still a mystery, but he leaves the impression that his style is one step ahead.  It is a release that makes you feel like he has entered a new chapter.