[English Translation]
Ryu Tsuruoka & Magnetics - "LUVRAW"
Joining forces with fellow Japanese BTB to deploy talkbox pedals, LUVRAW has portrayed with a street light hue the alluring city of Yokohama and his imaginative takes on the city. After leaving Japanese crossover music group Pan Pacific Playa in 2014, the prodigy launched his own IMAGECLUV label, which has put out female rapper NOPPAL's debut piece. Meanwhile, he participated as a synthesized singer or talkboxer in works by singers like Hitomi Toi, Tom Takahashi and G.RINA, film director/musician VIDEOTAPEMUSIC and soul band Omoide Yaro A Team. Now, LUVRAW has changed his name to Ryu Tsuruoka, and here comes his first solo album released under the new alias. With no use of sampling, "LUVRAW" offers a masterfully-crafted, elaborately-wrought music based on his live instrumentation and programming intricacy. Composed with care and time, it goes well beyond the confines of a talkboxer’s solo effort. Leavened with the enchanting dazzle and gallantry of Latin and Japanese Showa-era pop music, the album creates an evocative soundscape that blends tropic-tinged instrumentation and dub. It's filled with a sly yet cute quirk that feels like Tsuruoka’s pomade holding naughtiness and fancy aesthetic altogether. This seductive gem will surely blow your mind with a perfect flow from "KIMINOKO" to the closing "Harusame (meaning Spring Drizzle)."