folk squatの平松泰二をパートナーに迎えた初フル作から3年、セルフ・プロデュースで臨んだ新作は、ピアノだけでなくアコギを手にしながら簡素極まりない歌世界を成立させている。余分なものを削ぎ落としたそんなスタイルが、独特な彼女の歌声をいっそう魅惑的に引き立てているのが聴きどころで、〈肉声〉という最高の楽器を見事に鳴らすことに成功したと言えよう。以前よりも色鮮やかな印象を受けるのがなんとも不思議。

[English Translation]

aoki laska “Hitori no Bijutsukan (meaning Museum of My Own)

It’s been three years since their first full album after welcoming Taiji Hiramatsu as her partner from the home-recording band, folk squat. This new self-produced album is formed of acoustic guitar as well as the piano, creating the most pure and simple world of music. The style of stripping down everything that’s excessive brings out the charms of laska’s voice. It’s fair to say they have achieved playing an instrument to its fullest potential, which is the “voice.” Strangely enough, the impression of the sound is more colorful than ever.