The Best Place to Find Music! Mikiki

「Mikiki 立ち上げにあたって」



「これいいよね!?」という共感を形にした、大の音楽好きによる音楽好きのための新たな“The Best Place to Find Music”となる音楽メディア、それが「Mikiki」の目指すところです。



It's not about nationality or language,
It's not about genres,
It's not about how new it is,
And it's not even about the disc or the format…
Continually searching for the "sounds-pretty-cool!?" music
from every corner of the globe…

The Best Place to Find Music! Mikiki

- Comments towards the launch of "Mikiki" -

Tower Records Japan is proud to announce the launch of the new website, - "Mikiki". The new website focuses on musical reviews and aims to service as a "readable" and "listenable" musical guidance media for those who want to listen more to, know more about, and enjoy more quality music. Considering themselves as the music masters with the passion, Tower Records will act as the connoisseur to handpick and introduce the finest tunes from the extensive waves of music travelling borderlessly across the internet, something only a truly devoted music lover is capable of doing.

Meanwhile, the website will also be listing many of the quality reviews, interviews and other features that were published on the company's free magazine, "bounce" and "intoxicate". 

A completely new music platform for fans that gather under the shared "coolness", - the new media "Mikiki" will strive to be the newest "Best Place to Find Music", created by and for the music lovers.