US西海岸やユーロ圏のG皿への参加など、活躍の場を広げる女性トークボクサー/シンガーによる3作目が登場。ポップな歌謡性も見せた前作から一変し、ザップのグレッグ・ジャクソンとの再コラボをはじめ、今回は全編に渡ってトークボックス全開のファンク・アルバム! 初の全編英語詞だから『AMERICA』……なのかはわからないけど、この表題やどピンクなジャケも含めてズルムケで突き抜けた一枚!


[English Translation]
WODDYFUNK, the female talkboxer/singer widening her appeal by getting involved in West Coast or European gangsta rap productions, has just dropped her 3rd album. Drastically transformed from the previous release that displayed some focus on 'popular song' elements, this one is a straightforward funk album, - once again collaborating with Gregory Jackson of Zapp, and her talkboxing in full throttle throughout the whole album! Not quite sure whether the album was named "AMERICA" due to its all-English lyrics, but anyway, the title and glaring pink artwork all in all makes this a completely bare and raw but smashing piece!