The rising R&B singer-songwriter, SiSY's 1st full-length AL "POP IN BLACK" demonstrates her love and adore for ‘90s R&B sounds of the like of Teedra Moses and Ahanti


Having established her name through numerous notable productions that include a joint work with well-esteemed rapper MUROZO, SiSY makes a major debut with this first solo album. With better part of the album produced by acclaimed producer and DJ onodub, it demonstrates the rising R&B singer-songwriter’s love and adore for ‘90s R&B just as the symbolic cover art implies. That said, it is not so much a mere pastiche of that time as a Teedra Moses- and Ashanti-esque revivalistic sound, resulting in a pop, lush take on the genre, especially on the superb “#3.” “2006,” the slow-paced closing track, is also a gem. Ace!