canooooopy 『百夜を繋ぐ言の千切れ葉 [disconnected words connect the worlds]』

canooooopy 『百夜を繋ぐ言の千切れ葉 [disconnected words connect the worlds]』 Virgin Babylon (2014)



[English Translation]
canooooopy - "disconnected words connect the worlds"

This is the first CD release by a mysterious beatmaker who has previously released in 15 countries, including the UK and the US.  canooooopy uses GarageBand to create his <100% sample-based> productions that could be equated to hip hop beat music.  However, the highlight of his tracks is the seemingly haphazardly building of samples and loops that culminate into a sophisticated sound collage.  Vocal material with no nationality, mechanical electronic sounds, and environmental sounds come together to create a fragmented yet condensed, distorted world.