A music, delivered 30 years later

It belongs to one of my unforgettable things, but it never comes to my attention these days. I know I will not forgive myself if I lose memory of it, and it’s almost impossible to forget. It is “a music” tightly inscribed on my memory. So, I was surprised very much to know people has gradually started paying attention to it beyond my sight, and eventually it becomes “ultimate rare item” for those who hunt for underground music throughout the world. But what is more amazing is to know its reissue is coming out on CD.

It was produced as the private production in 1988, and only 200 copies were pressed to the vinyl. I wonder how many people had a chance to listen to it those days. “All sold out” means selling up 200 copies to 200 people, but it seemed to be distributed to rental vinyl shops back then. So more than 200 possible listeners should have had a chance to listen to it. However, almost no one ever talked about it. This is all about it, the vinyl, which has been out of sight for so long a time.

NAOKI ASAI Aber Heidschi P-Vine(2019)

When I was 19, or 20 in the year of 1987, or 1988, a friend of mine of same age, a college student, gave me a cassette tape with a low S/N condition, the recording of overdubbed vocal, guitar, base, keyboard, and rhythm box by MTR. He told me all songs were written and performed by himself. Then I played the cassette and listened to the sound of whispering voice, songs sung by some kids, weird chord progressions, and attractive melodies. It was a music with unique ambience, sounding ghostly over the reverb.

Since then, listening to “its” album of his had altered my listening experience. Even the music of The Durutti Column, or early Ben Watts gave me an impression that had same texture as those of Woo’s Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong, the music coming out of the box with grotesque antiques. But no other music had sounded same as his.

The minor music, having only handful listeners at the time of its birth like his music which emerged 30 years ago, has finally resuscitated and reached to new ears. Overly delayed its delivery, however, is the signature of “psychedelic music”. And now I recognize none of music I have listened for last 30 years, has sounded same as his.