ROCKETMAN改め自身名義の2作目は、思わず口ずさみたくなるポップな歌モノからエレクトロブラジリアン・ハウスアンビエントを網羅したヴァラエティー豊かな仕上がりに。夏を意識した軽快な打ち込みが主体ではあるが、ポエトリーを乗せたピアノ・ハウス“生まれ来る子供たちへ”、杏子の歌声が沁みる“Life is beautiful”などメッセージ性の高い楽曲も! その姿勢には音楽への揺るぎない思いと確かな愛情が窺える。

[English Translation]
The 2nd release from actor/comedian ryo fukawa under his own name (after renaming from the previous ROCKETMAN which he performed under for 13 years of his career as a musician), has come up with a variety of sounds, ranging from pop songs that will make you want to sing-along to, electro, Brazilian house to ambient tastes. The album consists mainly of tracks with obviously summer-conscious bouncy step recordings, though the lineup also includes message-heavy tracks, such as the poetry-laid piano-house track "Umarekuru Kodomo Tachi e (meaning To the Unborn Children)" or "Life is beautiful" in which the singing voice of Kyoko, singer/former vocalist of 80s rock band BARBEE BOYS, seeps in to the listeners heart. His musical approaches clearly demonstrates his invincible determination and unquestionable passion for music.