Feb. 20, 2023 will be the street date of Intoxicate vol. 162.

The photo of Ryuichi Sakamoto, breaking 6 years of silence after async by the release of 12, appears on the cover. Minoru Hatanaka contributes an article on the release (see Exotic Grammars section).

2 other articles on Exotic Grammars are about the Niigata International Animation Film Festival (hereafter NIAFF) and the interview for P.K.O. (Panta Keiichi Organization). First, Keiko Iguchi introduced the distinguished features of NIAFF such as setting up the competition category specified on feature animation film presided by the chief jury Mamoru Oshii.  And 30 years after their debut, P.K.O. are now working on their first studio album. Yasuo Murao interviewed Panta and Keiichi Suzuki. The article proves two of the P.K.O. are in perfect harmony.

“Pick Up” circulates articles on the exhibition of Dumb Type “2022: remap” at Artizon Museum (interview with the curator Junya UTSUMI), the dance project “Rain” at Aichi Prefectural Art Theater (the dialogue between the producer Eri Karatsu and director / choreographer Ryu Suzuki), Final Fantasy VII of its 25th anniversary unveiling its secrets about songs, and the interview with chromatic harmonica player Rei Yamashita on her first self produced album Good Time Good Music, and  Aska and David Foster upcoming March concerts.

Also, Colin Currie Group will complete Steve Reich’s Trilogy program at Opera City in this April. They have already played Drumming and Tehillim in 2012 and 2017. respectively. Music for 18 Musicians is on their stage with other 2 works, including the latest Traveler’s Prayer.

Intoxicate preview show presents Reiraku, based on the comic by Inio Asano (on the screen March 17). Takumi Saitoh acts as the leading character, an ex-comic writer, giving real life into his warped mind.

This issue provides useful information about grant applications to support creative activity by artists. This time, the grant is programmed by Arts Council Tokyo. Please visit their official site.

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