June 20, 2024 is the street date of Intoxicate vol. 170 “Romantic Silence Issue”.

This day, we will meet again at both stores nationwide and online. Yukihiro Takahashi appears on the cover. There was an exhibition for 3 days from Yukihiro’s birthday on June 6th “Yukihiro Takahashi Collection Everyday Life” at Hillside Plaza Daikanyama was celebrated by welcoming wonderful guests for daily events to talk about recollections with him.

“Exotic Grammar” includes 2 articles in addition to the article covering Yukihiro’s exhibition: a vocalist Tadayuki Matsubara studied under Genji Kuniyoshi, a prominent singer, the pride of the Association of Miyako minyo (Japanese folk songs), and Irvine Arditti who celebrates the 50th anniversary of Arditti Strings Quartet and comes to Japan this summer for Suntory Hall Summer Festival.

In “Pick Up”, widely covers the dialogue between Maria Schneider and Miho Hazama, ECM Records celebrating its 55th anniversary, Joe Hisaishi Music Future Special 2024, Billboard Classics, Salvatore Sciarrino’s Lohengrin, Luigi Nono’s “A Portrait of Luigi Nono”, Gilberto Gil who will visit Japan in 16-year absence, The premier concert of orchestrated songs written for Momoe Yamaguchi “Tomomi Nishimoto - Nostalgie - with Yutaro Miura, the Unforgettable Songbook of Momoe Yamaguchi”, and so on.

Intoxicate preview screening is the film Bolero, which shows the life of Ravel while he prepared the “Bolero” which is told to be performed somewhere around the world every 15 minutes. The movie will hit the road on August 9 (Fri.).

Intoxicate is available at these associates and volunteers as on the following link.

You can buy the magazine at Tower Records Online.

FYI English translated articles: https://mikiki.tokyo.jp/subcategory/intoxicate%20off%20the%20paper