Actress / singer, late Jane Birkin is on the cover of issue Intoxicate Vol. 165 “Silence Loves You, Silence Not Anymore” on the 20th of August, 2023.

We remember Jane had been a compassionate prayer for Japan, especially since 2011. A tribute to her from Nobuyuki Nakajima with whom Jane had been playing all around the world to her last breath, is featured as one of three “Exotic Grammar” columns. The other two columns are; Suntory Hall Summer Festival 2023 (Part 2) - the interview with Yu Kuwabara, a composer who won Yasushi Akutagawa Suntory Award for Music Composition last year. She talks about her commission to be performed at the upcoming festival; a new release from the cellist, Jean-Guihen Queyras, who is developing new repertoires and working on new recordings, too. We will keep our ears on his new plans.

A young trumpeter / composer, Shutaro Matsui is making his debut with his solo album Steps of the Blue. Jazz now embraces new talent. “Mr. Drums”, Steve Gadd will appear on the stage of Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall. He talks about the BHG Project. A report on the final day of the Aska nationwide tour at the Tokyo International Forum gives a vivid perspective of it, which will be put out on Blu-ray and DVD in September. All fans of the modern circus will focus on the Backbone by Gravity & Other Myths at the Museum of Art, Kochi. Don’t miss the moment of truth there.

The Intoxicate film preview introduces four films; Between White Keys and Black Keys (on screen October 6th) based on the book by a jazz pianist, Hiroshi Minami. The interview with the director, Masahiro Tominaga is on the page; Sheena & The Rokkets, Makoto Ayukawa - The Bond Between Rock and Family (on screen August 25th); Asteroid City by Wess Anderson. Wess’s world is fully demonstrated here; Theater Camp by Morry Gordon and Nick Lieberman will make you laugh and happy.

The Intoxicate special preview will be held on September 20th for Between White Keys and Black Keys and Theater Camp on September 27th. We will await your application!!

The “Event 0433” hosted by Intoxicate will invite a composer / producer / jazz artist, Naruyoshi Kikuchi for next concert at I’m a Show on September 12th. He will unveil new project with gamelan, Japanese traditional music, and electro sound. Check with the latest message from him on Mikiki and the movie.

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