LUVRAWや寺田創一らのリミックスも! 芸術家アイドル・ユニット、ナマコプリの初作はゆるめるモ!とバクバクドキンの間行くユルい破壊力が可愛い




[English Translation]
NAMAKOPURI “Art no Kamisama (meaning God of Art)

The Japanese artist idol unit between sea cucumber-loving idol namacolove and Mako Principal, whose grandfather is Chumei Watanabe, revered music composer for special effects films, has finally made its album debut with the help of VENUS KAWAMURA YUKI (Japanese writer, lyricist and DJ). Using their contemporary artistic sensitivity praised also by Makoto Aida (contemporary Japanese artist), they make their voices and vocals into sound materials which are then turned into Trap or Chillwave songs by a diverse lineup of arrangers. This album also includes splendid remixes by producers or musicians such as LUVRAW, KENSHU, COLDFEET and Soichi Terada. Their destructive looseness endearingly travels between the Japanese idol groups You'll Melt More! and BAKUBAKU DOKIN.