Tujiko Noriko 『帰って来たゴースト』


竹村延和Tyme.とのコラボ盤はあったが、ソロ名義では実に6年ぶりとなる新作。夢の世界からはみ出てくるような独特の電子音響ワールドは、AUDIO BOXING作品で共演したsu:triola波多野敦子らの協力を得て生音の比重を増し、これまで以上に包容力を感じさせるものに。14分超のアンビエント・ポップも、琴の音のアクセントが効いた不思議な譜割りの歌モノも同列で響かせる幽玄な美声はやはり唯一無二。


[English Translation]
Tujiko Noriko - "My Ghost Comes Back"

Other than the albums collaborated with Nobukazu Takemura, a musician/artist/DJ, and Tyme., a.k.a. Tatsuya Yamada, a musician/sound designer, Tujiko Noriko released her first solo album in six years.  With the cooperation of the artists performed with in AUDIO BOXING's works such as SU:, the trio of SUBENOANA, and Atsuko HATANO from string trio triola, her unique electroacoustic world which seems to have come out of a dream world increases the portion of live sounds and comes to be more encompassing than ever.  Both of an over-14-minute ambient pop and a song with effective Japanese harp sounds whose lyrics are curiously assigned to the melody, she equally goes through with her ethereal beautiful voice, which is one and only.