R-指定とのコッペパン(活動休止中)やDREAM BOYSの一員としても活躍してきた大阪出身の22歳のホープが、KEN THE 390のレーベルから待望の初アルバムを発表。親しみのあるキャラとユーモアもあって、時にホッコリするラップは溌剌で、実に爽快。tofubeatsがトラックを提供した“Dream On”、これぞ彼の真骨頂ともいえるポジティヴ・ソング“ネバーエンディングストーリー”ほか、夢と希望が詰まった一枚だ。


[English Translation]
KOPERU "Osaka Kid"

Known for his various collaborative activities incl. Koppepan (currently on hiatus) with fellow R-shitei and 4MC-unit DREAM BOYS, one of Osaka's brightest hopes 22-year-old KOPERU's first solo full-length release on KEN THE 390's label/DREAM BOY.  Armed with friendly character, his humorous and sometimes heartwarmingly comfy rap sounds vigorous and so refreshing.  Fully loaded with dreams and wishes, the album delightfully delivers 13 charming tunes such as "Dream On (Prod. by tofubeats)", his distinctive specialty/positive song "Never-ending Story (Prod. by ANNEbeats )" and so on.