YOUR ROMANCE、〈9次元〉がコンセプトの初作は海外のシンセ・ポップ/ニューロマな作風受け継ぎ独自性と時代性を共にアップデートした一枚



[English Translation]
The 5-piece synth-pop band YOUR ROMANCE has delivered their first album in roughly 6 months from their first mini-album. Setting [9 dimensions] as the concept, this album leaves a refreshing impression with the tracks of somewhat oriental atmosphere. It is as if the band had been inheriting the synth-pop/New Romantic styles from the peers in the international indie field, but at the same time rediscovered YMO while doing so. Sometimes offering a glimpse to their consciousness to the latest indie R&B affairs in their tracks, the band has clearly and firmly managed to update both their uniqueness and spirit of the times.