『Soul Cookin'』以来1年半ぶりとなる新作は、メンバーそれぞれのお気に入り曲を取り上げたカヴァー集。セロニアス・モンクバド・パウエルら偉大なる先達への恩返し的な演奏も良いけれど、メロウなムードを纏ったレディオヘッドの“High And Dry”など、原曲との同世代的なシンパシーを働かせたアレンジに惹かれる。ダブ・アレンジを施したヘンリー・マンシーニ曲ほか、爽快系が多いのも好感が持てるな〜。

[English Translation]
The first release after a year and a half from the previous album, “Soul Cookin'” is a cover collection of the favorite picks of each member. Performances showing their gratitude and respect to great masters like Thelonius Monk or Bud Powell are absolutely excellent, but then tracks such as Radiohead’s “High And Dry” clothed in fresh mellow moods are equally brilliant, given arrangements only same-generation fellows would be able to incubate. The plentiful invigorating tunes such as dub version Henry Mancini tracks is a wonderful plus too.