KOJOE × Olive Oil 『blacknote』、Olive Oil 『THE REAL O. -Rhythm of my island II-』


Olive Oil THE REAL O. -Rhythm of my island II- OILWORKS(2014)

※THE REAL O. -Rhythm of my island II-』の試聴はこちら

Olive Oilの関連作が相次いで到着。まず『blacknote』は5lackとの一作に続くKOJOEとのジョイント盤で、いつも以上にコントラストのはっきりした、ストレートなエネルギーに満ちた音作りでラップに対峙。最近作『51st State』に見られたKOJOEの真摯でコンシャスな視線は荒々しい筆致でここにも映り、田我流ら客演勢と共有されている。風営法に目を剥く“Who ey hoe”もそんな一曲。また、力の抜けた音と一体のヴォーカルワークを全編で届ける“imperfections”の味わい深さも聴き逃せない。一方の『THE REAL O. -Rhythm of my island II-』は、2005年にONEOWNERから発表した作品の続編となるインスト集。淡く移ろうネタ使いと物腰柔らかなビート捌きでじっくり聴かせる一枚だ。


[English Translation]
Under his own creative label OILWORKS, two consecutive new releases from the renowned DJ/remixer/producer Olive Oil. Following the highly acclaimed previous joint-piece with 5lack and joined  force with the famed rapper/singer/producer KOJOE for this time, the new album "blacknote" affirmatively represents a straight, more clearly contrasted, energy-fueled sound, amicably tackling KOJOE's forceful rapping face-to-face.  As revealed in the recent successful "51st State", his sharpened and conscious gaze is fiercely reappeared and shared with TAO, Dengaryu and other guest rappers on this album. Especially, the track "Who ey hoe" encountering the Japanese Entertainment Business Control Law which is commonly called/written 'Fueiho', is one such track that strongly embraces the above mentioned KOJOE's consciousness.  Also the laid-back, wholly flavorful complete vocal work "imperfections" is a must-listen as well.  Another album, an instrumental piece "THE REAL O. -Rhythm of my island II-" is a sequel to the 12 inch vinyl released in 2005 from ONEOWNER. A piece that lets you deeply appreciate the combination of delicately transitioning samplings and gentle beatworks. 

※Click here to listen to "THE REAL O. -Rhythm of my island II-"