stillichimiya 『死んだらどうなる』


MCとしての田我流や、映像作家としてのスタジオ石MMMMr.麿)、トラックメイカーとしてのYOUNG-GBIG BENと最近は個々での評価を高めたクルー、stillichimiya。その才能の再集結はリスナーの耳目を集めるに違いなかったのだが……。この新作から溢れる中学男子ヴァイブスは、こいつら……何も変わってねえ! キツい下ネタの“生でどう?”やドリフをオマージュした“ズンドコ節”、甲州弁ラップ・チューン“だっちもねえ”、そして“土偶サンバ”も腑分けすると沁みるような内容だが、〈でも“土偶サンバ”って何?〉という謎はまったく回収されず、確かに〈どうなる〉という実験をメチャぶつけしたような異形のフレッシュさ。なので、続編は〈驚いた!!〉でひとつ。


[English Translation]
stillichimiya "Shindara Donaru (meaning What Happens When We Die)"

Hip hop group stillichimiya consists of members whom are establishing solid reputation with their individual activities, such as rapper/MC DENGARYU or film makers MMM and Mr. Maro, both belonging to film production studio [Studio Isi], and track makers YOUNG-G and BIG BEN... So this rally of such talents should easily become a high-profile piece to the listeners, one would imagine... But what do we get from this newest release, - an overflowing vibe of junior high school boys?? You boys never change! Including the blue jokes-filled "Nama de Do? (meaning What About No Protection?"), “Zundoko Bushi” taking homage from the song by famous Japanese comedy group /band The Drifters, "Dacchimo Neh", a rap tune in the dialect of the Koshu area, and "Dogu Samba (meaning Clay Figure Samba)" which, if taken as an individual piece actually might be a track that gets to the heart, but the mystery of 'what's Clay Figure Samba" anyway?' is never addressed, so in a way this album has an abnormal freshness, insanely throwing in experiments that no one knows the results of. Nothing but amazement with this one!