June 20, 2023, the new issue Intoxicate Vol. 164 “Silence on between the Strings” is out on the street.

The front cover shows Pat Metheny, who has just released his new album Dream Box from Modern Recordings on June 16. The interview with him by the guitarist Daisuke Suzuki which Pat admired as “the best interview so far” during the interview is featured in this issue. However, we do not how far his interview sessions went on as of this moment after. But apparently keen analysis by Suzuki hit Pat’s intentions for the album. The dialogue between the two guitarists should be shared by every expected artist, musician, and listener of his music.

3 of the regular “Exotic Grammars” are as follows; “Suntory Hall Summer Festival 2023 (the first part)“ - the series of days and nights with the gamelan ensemble produced by Masahiro Miwa is introduced by Kenichiro Hoshi; Muku Amida’s new manga Rhapsody in Red that is a bildungsroman of Torao, a high school student who happens to know the idea of communicating with people by playing the piano. It is reviewed by jazz pianist Chihiro Yamanaka and this is the first one of hers about the manga; the first album of TESTEST who has just started their concert activity is reviewed with the interview to them by Masato Matsumura, the album will be put out on July 12.

The “Pick Up” reviews are as follows; The interview with composer / pianist Takana Miyamoto who is now a music advisor of Muza Kawasaki. She is going to produce “Summer Night Jazz” there with 3 sets for a day, inviting many talented musicians; the interview with Tamiyo Kusakari, the art director of the theater project which is an homage to Roland Petit, one of the best choreographers of the 20th century. She talks about her ideas for this project to be held on July 2023; The first album of Joe Hisaishi from Deutsche Grammophon, Klaus Nomi projects commemorating the 40th anniversary of his death, Carol King’s Home Again: Live from Central Park 1973, Joni Mitchell’s At New Port, and the original soundtrack of The First Slam Dunk

The announcement of Intoxicate preview screening! Concert for George. This is the film commemorating George Harrison’s 80th birthday which is on the run from July 28. His friend, Eric Clapton produced one night concert for him, and the whole historical concert is revealed on the widescreen for the first time. And another one is Crimes of the Future by David Cronenberg, which is on the run from August 18.

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