News letter from Intoxicate announcing a new release of Intoxicate Vol. 166 “Dress Silence”. The street date of Vol. 166 is October 10, 2023.

An actress / singer / entertainer / ex-idol Ano who plays the main character with the other main character Motoki Ochiai in the film Kujira No Hone (Bones of the Whale) appears on the cover. The photo was taken from our original shooting session. The interview with Ano on “Exotic Grammar” shows her interest, activity, and plans such as music, and the film. The film will be on screen from October 13.

The other two “Exotic Grammars” are Daniel Lopatin known as Oneohtrix Point Never and the music festival “Ambient Kyoto 2023”. OPN released the new album Again and announced the upcoming Japan tour. “Ambient Kyoto” is a complex of events and concerts of ambient music in Kyoto, a world cultural city. The festival invites many to Kyoto ambience this year, too.

The interview with Naruyoshi Kikuchi is about the original soundtrack of Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe and Rohan at the Louvre (street date October 25) and also concert review on Event 0433 #02 “Smooth Alternative” by Kikuchi appears there. Other pickups; Eliane Elias’s appearance at “A Night of Brazilian Music & Jazz” in Kawasaki Jazz 2023; the revival of city pop brings “The World of Tetsuji Hayashi” back on the stage with gorgeous artists to play his music; “Celtic Christmas” after 4 years of silence; Batsheva Dance Company with MOMO. And “Yo Hitoto Symphonic Concert 2023 – Chrismas Special” are also picked up.

Intoxicate’s preview sceening provides The Concierge at Hokkyoku Department Store (based on the work of Tsuchika Nishimura / music by tofubeats). The interview with Natsumi Kawaida who plays the voice of a main character is on the issue. The film will be on screen from October 20.

Intoxicate is available at these associates and volunteers as on the following link.

You can buy the magazine at Tower Records Online.

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