[English Translation]
Shingo Sekiguchi "Brilliant"

Shingo Sekiguchi has released a full-scale album under his own name for the first time. He is known as a guitarist of Ovall, a spiritual jazz/hip-hop band that is on hiatus from their music activity. He had both national and international vocalists such as Wouter Hamel, GIOVANCA and mabanua, the drummer of Ovall, as guests on this piece. The album weaves 12 tunes of songs and instrumentals, delivering a sound image that inherited and developed the approach demonstrated in Ovall’s "DAWN", the band’s last work at this point. Rough beats sometimes appear, but the core of this album consists of fusion and grooves which are open and laid-back, sharply showing the factor of '70s American rock. Organic and pop atmosphere was brought from EART, his other unit, and the chill mood was brought from vusik, another solo project of his, proving the successful compilation of his diverse activities into this one album. Enjoy this beautiful and healthy ensemble that may work as your daily nutrition.