DJ TASAKA6年ぶり新作は、〈3.11〉以降の出会い反映させたストレートな決意がしなやかなビートに込められた一枚


新レーベルを設立し、6年ぶりに発表した新作は、〈3.11〉以降のデモやそこで出会った人々、その思いを反映させた仕上がりに。ディスコ~ヒップ・ハウスアシッド・テクノなど、しなやかでグルーヴィーなTASAKA節炸裂のビートに、力強いラップ&ポエトリーをループさせたトラックは、彼のストレートな決意が溢れているかのよう。“BLEND iz beautiful”でMC JOEが放つ〈踊り続けるためにやることやる〉はまさにその真髄!

[English Translation]
6 years from the previous release, highly noted DJ TASAKA’s latest album, released from his newly launched own label, fully reflects his current state of mind and thoughts for the people he has met in the course of various street appearances, such as the post-3.11 anti-nuclear protests. (Note: More anti-nuclear movements are taking place in Japan after Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011.) Looping forceful rap&poetry around his exceptionally smooth and groovy specialty TASAKA beats, the whole 12 tracks with sounds ranging from disco~hip house~acid techno, obviously represent his straightforward determination, as demonstrated precisely in “BLEND iz beautiful”, a track featuring MC JOE who symbolically declares ‘To keep on dancing, I do what I should do’!