青樹亜依 『アンドロメダ・プレミアム・パワー・セット』 Pヴァイン (2015)

B級歌謡曲の愛好家なら知らぬ者はいない、アンドロメダ星雲からやってきた歌姫より、未CD化曲を含むベスト盤+LPの豪華セットが到着! 謎の言語が飛び交う“アンドロメダの異星人”をはじめ殿堂入りの迷曲を網羅しているのはもちろん、アーサー・ラッセルばりのサイケな音響を施したJINTANA、いなたいエレクトロ・シンセ・ポップで宇宙感を広げたDj SLYの両リミックスが強烈すぎる! 秘宝館のような怪しさが最高。

[English Translation]
Ai Aoki  "Andromeda Premium Power Set"

If you are a fan of those B-rated retro kayokyoku (oldies J-pop), you must know her by now. The totally unignorable diva from the Andromeda galaxy, Ai Aoki eventually brings the superb combo of her greatest hits CD (that contains the tracks first-ever on CD!) and an LP/10” vinyl. As expected, this gorgeous piece incorporates weird-funny tunes worthy of induction to (another kind of) hall of fame, such as the uninterpretable lingo-filled “Andromeda no Iseijin (meaning Alien from Andromeda)”. Moreover, 2 remixes by 2 incredible guests, JINTANA’s Arthur Russell-ish psychedelic sound and Dj SLY’s expanded cosmic-feel on the nerdy-cute electro synthpop, appear way too intense as well! This`Hihokan’ (sex museum/literally ‘house of hidden/secret treasure’)-sort of intriguingly bizarre world, I just love it.