SEBASTIAN Xの女子2人によるアコースティック・ユニットで、実は本隊よりも活動歴が長いという音沙汰。実際に永原真夏の歌声と工藤歩里のピアノによる伴奏からはとてもプライヴェートな雰囲気が感じられるし、2人の信頼関係がストレートに伝わってくるのも良い。もともとは永原が綴っていた詩集が元になっているというだけに、リリックを眺めながらじっくりと味わいたい作品だ。

[English Translation]
Otosata is an acoustic unit by the two girls of Japanese four piece guitarless band, SEBASTIAN X that was formed in 2008. Little-known is that the history of Otosata spans longer than the aforementioned main body. Indeed, the singing of Manatsu Nagahara and piano accompaniment by Ariri Kudo does seem to leave a trail of a ‘personal atmosphere’, and there is a visible and definite sense of mutual trust between the two that stands out quite healthily. The album is built on the collection of poems that Nagahara was originally putting down for herself, so it is worthwhile spending a fair amount of time savoring the lyrics throughout the songs.