DMC〉の世界チャンプでもある〈ターンテーブリズム・ユニット〉KireekのDJによる初作には、田我流Nagan Serverなど確かな審美眼で選ばれたMCが参加。卓越したテクニックを駆使してテクノレゲエドラムンベースヒップホップとさまざまなダンス・ミュージックを横断するサウンドをプロデュースしているが、なかにはSNEEEZEとの“GO There”のようなチル曲もあり。音の引き出しの多さに驚かされる一枚。

[English Translation]
The first album release from the DJ of DMC world champion ‘turntablism unit’ Kireek lists a proud batch of prominent MCs, including Japanese rapper Dengaryu, rapping MC Masaru, or Nagan Server, all selected by solid connoisseurship. Taking full advantage of his sublime techniques, the album is based on sounds made to travel across various dance music including techno, reggae, drum’n’bass and hip-hop, though in the meantime chill-out tunes such as “GO There” featuring hip-hop MC SNEEEZE also serves as perfect balancers. A piece that will keep knocking down the listeners with the unceasing display of the range of sounds he can throw down.