T.A.M.M.I『sleeping nukes of mine』和製エリカ・バドゥ? 京都のシンガーによるアクの強い歌唱がコズミック・ファンクと重なる未来ソウル盤


近年はDADAKAKAでの活動が目立つ京都の女性シンガーによるアルバムは、US西海岸の地下ヒップホップ界隈ともコネクションのあるNOAHが全面プロデュース。〈和製エリカ・バドゥ〉と評したくなるアクの強いヴォーカルがねちっこいコズミック・ファンクと重なり合う、ジョージア・アン・マルドロウの影もチラつく未来ソウル盤だ。クルセイダーズ“Street Life”の裏路地風カヴァーもダーティーで最高!


[English Translation]
This album by a female singer from Kyoto, who more recently is known for her activities as a member of Japanese music duo DADAKAKA, is produced entirely by NOAH, the Japanese artist and composer who also has a strong connection with underground US west coast hip hop artists. Her fiercely unique vocal that makes you want to call her an [Erykah Badu of Japan] blends well with the dogged cosmic funk, making for this futuristic soul album with a hint of Georgia Anne Muldrow. The dirty atmosphere in the back alley-flavored cover song of The Crusaders' "Street Life" is also nasty!