While his last album "Joyous" was based on the concept of ‘adult’ and featured veteran artists including Crazy Ken Band lead vocalist Ken Yokoyama, Tomita Lab invites younger artists creating stirs in the current Japanese music scene to lend a fresh feel to his latest effort. “SUPERFINE” has several highlights as "Radio Taiso Girl (meaning A Girl Doing Radio Calisthenics)" sees Japanese rock band Suchmos vocalist YONCE skitter between melody and rap to deliver fabulous-sounding Japanese lyrics written by hip-hop artist and lyricist Kaseki Cider. "Kodo (meaning Heartbeat)" is a cool jazz number that features J-pop band CICADA vocalist Akiko Kido with an emotive salvo of drums. The rock-tinged "Waratte Regret (meaning Regret With Smile)" is joined by AKIO affiliates of Sugar’s Campaign, a project that shares a similar approach with Tomita Lab and are well-known for their funk and city pop edge, yet leaning towards rock. Elsewhere, “SUPERFINE” blends the old and new city pop generations. It invites vocalists like Shohei Takagi from cero and Yuma Abe from never young beach while Takaki Horigome and Jun Kamoda contribute their lyrics to the album. Free from this context, however, Suiyoubi No Campanella strikingly deal with a timely theme of Tsukiji Fish Market on "Tomita Uoten (meaning Tomita Fishmonger,)" a stunning affair conducted with their much-loved aplomb.