DALLJUB STEP CLUBなどのメンバーとしても活躍中のYuta Hoshiによるバンド・プロジェクトの2作目。ポスト・ロック的な作風から出発しながら、ガチガチのミニマル・テクノ路線だった前作を経たことで、バンド編成に回帰した(とはいえすべて一人で演奏)今作ではスクエアな構築美を獲得。ロウハウス的な粗さの“Less is more”がモダニズム建築家、ミース・ファン・デル・ローエの名言に由来していることも納得です。

[English Translation]
Second release from band project by Yuta Hoshi, also an active member of dub/reggae based trio, DALLJUB STEP CLUB. Though starting his journey in a post-rock tone, the detour taken to the course of strict minimal-techno in his previous release has actually driven him to return to the proper band formation (, although of course every part is played by himself,) successfully helping to achieve a conventional constructive beauty in this latest release. It is pretty convincing to hear that the track "Less is more", with its raw house-like ruggedness, is derived from the notable concept of the leader of modern architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.