KASHIWA Daisukeをマスタリングに迎え、PROGRESSIVE FOrMより放たれた2作目は、深遠なビートとグリッチ・ノイズが織り成す繊細でエレガントなサウンドメイクが印象的だ。美麗なピアノの旋律とcaluMatryoshka)の歌声が幻想的に漂う“Country Livin”、テクノブレイクビーツを経由したアブストラクトな色合いのリズムが陶酔感を煽る“seemless”など、この卓越したセンスと構築美には脱帽の一言!

[English Translation]
KASHIWA Daisuke, the Japanese experimental/electronic musician joins for the mastering of this 2nd release from label, PROGRESSIVE FOrM, a proud piece of work with impressive sound-makes, subtly but yet elegantly patterned by esoteric beats and glitch noises. Angelic piano lines and the singing voice of calu, vocalist of electronica/post-rock unit Matryoshka, also known as the 'Japanese Sigur Ros', floats fantastically throughout the song "Country Livin", where on the other hand in "seemless", the listener's euphorism is fueled up by techno~breakbeats-affected abstract-tinted rhythms. A great hats-off to his sublime taste and structural capacity!