CAMPANELLA『VIVID』での登板も記憶に新しいマキュウが投げる次の一球は、初のベスト盤! とはいえ彼らが並の球種で満足するはずがなく、今回はILLICIT TSUBOIみずから全曲でリエディット。音の各パーツが主張し合いながらも互いを邪魔しない、組み木パズルのような精巧さでもって、MAKI THE MAGICCQのズルムケなラップをより際立たせている。選曲は渋めながら“イケニエ”のメロウなオリジナル版も収録!


[English Translation]
Kieru Makyu "Asu Ni Mukatte Ute!"

The next 'ball' thrown from the Makyu-lads (as the literal translation of the band name is 'The Disappearing Magic Ball') whom their guest appearance in rapper CAMPANELLA's debut album "VIVID" is still fresh in our minds, is their first ever greatest hits album (of which, by the way so obviously, is given the same title as the Japanese title of the film "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid")! But of course, as if to prove that no 'normal ball' is satisfactory to them, the whole of the lineup of the tracks on this album has been re-edited by the DK/trackmaker of the unit, ILLICIT TSUBOI. With the sophistication like a crafted wooden framework puzzle, each sound part is highly assertive, but yet keeps a comfortable distance so as not to interfere with one another, casting a great spotlight on the unbashed bare rap by the MCs, CQ and the late MAKI THE MAGIC. While the selection itself may be cool but perhaps somber, the track list also includes mellow rap tunes, such as the original version of "ikenie".