December 10th, 2023 was the street date of Intoxicate vol. 167 “Silence Will Be Left Between Her and the Moon Each Night”.

Carla Bley, a jazz pianist / composer / arranger who passed away this October is on the cover. So many compositions performed by so many musicians will remain in our hearts. The article about her is on “Exotic Grammar”. Another “Exotic Grammar” is the article on Francesco Tristano. He talks about his recently launched label “intothefuture”. 

What “Pick Up” picks up are the following; Kuniko Kato (percussion) and Megumi Nakamura (dance)’s “Psappha – Sound Meets Body, All Xenakis Program” at the Museum of Art, Kochi; Report from the nationwide tour of a jazz trumpet player, Shutaro Matsui with his quartet; First encounter of Ishida Gumi and Airi Suzuki; “DXP (Digital Transformation Planet) – Towards the Next Interface”, an exhibition now in session at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa; Live report of “The Happy End Talk Live at Tower Records Shibuya, with Shigeru Suzuki and Takashi Matsumoto”; a jazz catalogue reissue campaign by Sony Jazz “We Want Jazz” which is the best jazz collection and a bridge between great musical legacies and the future; La La Land Cinema Concert 2024; “Bach, Unaccompanied Cello Suite, Complete Performance by Fabio Biondi” at the Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall; Reviewing the DVD / Blu-ray Disc Sound! Euphonium Special Episode – the Ensemble Competition to be released on December 20th. Let’s enjoy!

Intoxicate is available at these associates and volunteers as on the following link.

You can buy the magazine at Tower Records Online.

FYI English translated articles: