LEF!!! CREW!!!のパーティーや国産ゴルジェ・コンピ〈僉-The Bootists-〉へ参加した、フィメール・ゴルジェ・ブーティストによる初の公式ミックスCD。自身の楽曲をはじめ、hanaliNATURE DANGER GANGら注目の日本勢の音源を中心にゴリゴリと繋いだ、超絶男前(女前?)な手腕が炸裂! 呪術的な旋律と、幻覚度高めのコーラス、タムの乱れ打ちが放つ音圧の嵐にトバされること必至! この衝撃はハンパない!

[English Translation]
This is the first official mix CD by female, gorge bootist, YUKO LOTUS.  She has been featured at LEF!!! CREW!!! parties and on the Japanese gorge compilation, titled "-The Bootists-". The album is bursting with YUKO LOTUS’s super-handsome (super-pretty?) techniques of aggressively connecting music mainly of current Japanese buzzworthy artists like hanali (solo project by gorge evangelist, Toki Takumi) or NATURE DANGER GANG (rave/bass music band), including tracks of her own!  It's inevitable to be blown away by her storm of sound created by magical melodies, hallucinogenic choruses, and scattered toms!  The impact is no joke!