そのイカしたタイトル通り、超ドープなアヴァン街道をひたすら真っ直ぐに突き進む3人組から初のEPが到着。人気アニメへの起用で話題を呼んだ“Neo Cyber Madness”を含む全4曲は、どれもが執拗に練られた変則的かつ揺らぐリズムに支配され、ジャンクでありながらもよりグルーヴィーな音楽へと進化を遂げた。LAのビート・シーンに対する日本のアンダーグラウンドからの反響は、いまかなりおもしろいことになっている。

[English Translation]
The trio that has earnestly charged through the super-dope avant-garde road, as indicated in the cool title, is delivering their first EP. All four tracks in the piece, including the attention-attracting “Neo Cyber Madness” due to being selected as the ending theme of a famous anime, have evolved into junk but yet groovy music, each of which are dominated by persistently polished irregular and swinging rhythms. Japanese underground scene’s reaction to the beat scene in LA is now hotter than ever.