“Shabba”のヒットもあって高い評価を得た『Trap Lord』から3年近くを経て発表されたセカンド・アルバム。その間にはモブのブレーンだったエイサップ・ヤムズの悲報もあり、またシーンやトレンドもすっかり様変わりしてしまったが、その変化に対応するようなファーグのアーティストとして成熟していく様が今作に反映されている。フッド・スター感の強かった前作と比べ、より広い層にアピールできる作品となったことは、かのチャックDパブリック・エナミー)と自身の母親の語りを交えた“Beautiful People”やスターゲイト制作のR&B風な“Let You Go”あたりに特に顕著だ。一番のトピックとなるであろうミッシー・エリオットを招いたハウス調の“Strive”には驚かされるが、一方ではフューチャー参加の先行曲“New Level”を筆頭に持ち味であるモブ感の強いフロアキラーもいくつか用意。亡きヤムズに捧ぐ“Yammy Gang”にはロッキーらモブの面々にヤムズの実母も参加している。

[English Translation]
A$AP FERG has released his 2nd album almost 3 years after the release of "Trap Lord," which received high acclaim due to the success of "Shabba" among many other factors. In between the two albums, there was the sad news about the death of A$AP Yams who was the brain of A$AP Mob, and meanwhile the hip hop scene and trends have completely changed. However, how FERG has grown to be a mature artist who has successfully responded to the change is reflected in this album. Compared to the last album that stamped him as a hoodstar, this album turns out to be one that is  capable of reaching a wider audience, which is most notably demonstrated by "Beautiful People" with narrative verses by Chuck D (of Public Enemy) and Mama Ferg or the R&B-flavored "Let You Go" produced by Stargate. While the surprising, house-flavored "Strive" featuring Missy Elliott would be the biggest topic of conversation, the album also includes several floor killer tunes with his distinctive heavy mob feel, including the pre-released "New Level" featuring Future. Such members of A$AP Mob including Rocky and Yams' mother take part in "Yammy Gang" dedicated to the memory of late Yams.