DIR EN GREYによるソロ・プロジェクトの初音源。HISASHIGLAY)、SUGIZOLUNA SEAX JAPAN)、TK凛として時雨)、キリトAngelo)、デヴィルスラッグコーンジョナサン・デイヴィスによるユニット)などがリミックスコラボで参加し、リリース前から話題を集めている本作は、民族音楽的なリズムや変拍子、ときに断末魔のように轟き、ときに不安を駆り立てるようでいて優麗なギター・サウンドなど、そのどれもが退廃的かつ実に耽美。そんな複雑怪奇な世界のなかで圧倒的な存在感を示しているのが京の声だ。グロウルやファルセットといった、いわゆる歌唱法レヴェルの話ではなく、人と獣と天使と悪魔が融合した異形の何かを思わせる圧巻の声が、作品をより深淵なものにしている。

[English Translation]
First recordings from the solo side project of Japanese rock band DIR EN GREY’s vocalist, Kyo. Welcoming various artists for the remixing and other collaborative works, such as HISASHI (guitarist of rock band, GLAY), SUGIZO (guitarist of rock bands LUNA SEA, X JAPAN), TK (vocalist and guitarist of 3 piece rock band, Ling tosite sigure), Kirito (vocalist of Angelo and PIERROT) or Korn’s Jonathan Davis’ unit, DevilSlug, the album had been causing a stir, well before its release. Everything from the ethnic-music-like rhythms and irregular meters to guitar refrains that sometimes howl like death throes but also sometimes graciously incites fear is decadent and aesthetic. And in such labyrinth of complex music, it is Kyo’s voice that exudes an overwhelming presence. Irrelevant to his proficiency of singing techniques such as his growling or brilliant falsetto, his prodigious voice akin to an uninvited union of human, beast, angel and devil, makes the album even more esoteric.