SOIL&“PIMP”SESSIONS『Brothers & Sisters』インストと即興に集中、洗練とギラつきが同居するヤバい一枚


結成10周年を祝うコラボ盤だった前作から一転、彼らのアイデンティティーとも言えるインストと即興に集中した新作。一糸乱れぬユニゾンに痺れる“love Immediately”に始まり、ルードな<ハード・バップ“Shout!!”、さらにはハードコア・パンク調やスピリチュアルなワルツ、洒脱なラテン・ダンサーなど、スタイルも多様。どの曲も、抜身の刀のように美しく洗練されつつもギラギラした演奏が過去最高にヤバい一枚!

[English Translation]
In complete contrast from their previous collaborative album that celebrated their 10th anniversary into the band’s career, this latest piece from SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS, the 6-membered jazz band who refer to their own music as 'Death JAZZ', is an album that concentrates on their 'identity' features, -'instrumental' and 'improvisation'. The album starts off with "love Immediately", a stunning piece performed in a tightly aligned unison, following into the hard-bop tune "Shout!!", then progresses into a variety of styles such as hardcore punk, spiritual waltz, chic Latin dance-like tunes, etc. Every singly track blazes with passionate heat and is performed beautifully in razor-sharp sophistication and, making this album a hazardously hot piece.