Vampillia/NADJA Imperfection iinioi(2014)


[English Translation]
Consisting of an unfixed 10+members including Shuichi Mabe (formerly of rock band Sotaisei Riron), the big music entity Vampillia sends out these 2 new releases simultaneously. Based possibly upon a Hungarian mythology, featuring Attila Csihar (Mayhem) and Tujiko Noriko (France-based Japanese singer-songwriter) for the ethereal heavenly vocals, the 23 minutes-long experimental epic poetry "white silence" delivers a post classical+doom ambient-ish magnificent sonic world. Teamed up with Berlin/Toronto-based metal-gaze duo Nadja again "Imperfection", released on the same day, surely lures you into somewhere with a fair amount of noise and drone, an untamed land of beauty.