Drastik Adhesive Force、みずから〈SLAB〉と命名した低音&低速ビートが蠢くサウンドが超絶カオティックな新作


最近はゴルジェ・シーンでも注目を集めるクリエイターが、新たに設立したレーベルから約5年ぶりのオリジナル作をリリース。みずから〈SLAB〉と命名したBPM60の低音ビートが蠢くサウンドは、その遅さも相まって超絶カオティック! スカスカな空間をLily Sebastian Mackenlowの詩吟と太いキック音が這い回る“Hakubotan”など、その荒ぶる音魂に震撼すること必至な強烈作! 爆音で浴びるべし!

[English Translation]
Drastik Adhesive Force, the Japanese creator who has recently drawn attention also in the Gorge scene, has released the first original album in about five years from his newly-established record label. Characterized by himself as 'SLAB,' the wriggling low-pitched sound coupled with the slow tempo of 60 bpm is extremely chaotic! Including "Hakubotan" where Lily Sebastian Mackenlow's shigin (traditional Japanese poetry recitation played with original melodies) and thick kicks creep through the minified number of notes, the album will definitely shake you up with its wild soul of sound! Enjoy it at full blast!