world's end girlfriendとVampilliaが中原中也の詩に音楽を寄せ、新解釈与えた企画盤




[English Translation]
world's end girlfriend, Vampillia, Chuya Nakahara "Voices of Days Past"

A project in which two exceptional groups added music to poems by Chuya Nakahara. world's end girlfriend, the solo unit by Japanese musician Katsuhiko Maeda, named the theatrical artist BOOL, the founder of the poem-core label POEM CORE TOKYO, and rather contained Japanese artist Smany to be the readers. They constructed both "Shunjitsu Kyousou (meaning Spring Day Capriccio)" and "Ganze Nai Uta (meaning Innocent Song)" into profound and thrilling pieces. In the meantime, Vampillia sounds "Shukusui (meaning Hangover)" and "Shibetu no Yokujitsu (meaning A Day after Separation by Death)" in deep male voices, adding minimal piano melodies and making drone or noise sounds resonate eerily. Both groups' solid and impressive characters make their music sympathize with the sorrow in Chuya's poems and let us interpret the poems in new ways. Brilliant!