TV番組「musicるTV」で観てショックを受けた記憶はありましたが……そこから自主盤『町あかり全曲集 その1』がカルト的な人気を獲得、昨年は電気グルーヴの25周年記念ライヴでオープニング・アクトにも抜擢されていたシンガー・ソングライターが、ついにメジャー・デビューです。衣装も含めて手作りで活動してきた〈平成生まれの昭和歌謡アイドル〉で、溌剌とした歌声で披露されるユーモラスなメロと歌詞には鼻歌を誘う妙な中毒性があります。ただ、何かのオマージュやネタありきの創作でもなく、天然で掴んだオリジナルな表現になっているのも凄いし、経歴やキャッチから連想されそうな〈わかっててやってます!〉的な小利口さがまるでないのは何より得難い。本来の意味で〈歌謡曲〉と呼びたい怪作、じゃなく快作!

[English Translation]
Machi Akari’s A, Machiakari

I remember the sensation I felt when I first saw her on the TV program Music-Ru TV. Since then, Akari released her indie album Akari Zenkyokushu Sono 1 (meaning Akari’s Complete Compilation Vol. 1) which received an occult-like popularity. Last year, she was chosen as the opening act for the phenomenal synth pop group Denki Groove’s 25th anniversary concert, and now this singer-songwriter is finally making her major debut. Making everything herself, including her costumes, Akari is “the fresh (Heisei-era-born) modern girl, but an 80’s (Showa-era) idol.”  Her vibrant voice sings humorous melody and lyrics that are addictive and bound to make you go humming her tune. What makes her great is her natural talent to create an original interpretation, rather than making an homage or playing with an already existing idea. Looking at her background and her catch copy, it’s impressive that she isn’t cunning in a “knowingly” fashion when creating her works. This album screams true “Japanese pop”, what a monster- piece, no, master-piece!