ILL SUGI%Cらとも接点を持つ相模原出身のビートメイカーが、今夏にベルギーのレーベルから発表したカセットテープ作品をCD化。埃まみれのレコードから抽出したようなざらついたサウンドが映すのはセピア色の景色。そのループとシーケンスの穏やかな変化がもたらすアンビエントな効果は、時の流れさえも忘れてしまいそうな心地良さだ。レーベルメイトのLidlyとの共作曲を含む、ダウンテンポなローファイ・ビート集。

[English Translation]
While staying connected to fellow DJs such as ILL SUGI or %C, the rising beatmaker from Sagamihara, Kanagawa Pref., tajima hal has made available in CD format the sound materials released earlier this summer in cassette tape format from Belgium-based label, Urban Waves Records. As if extracted from a dust-covered vinyl record, this rough-textured sound depicts a sepia-hued landscape. Originating from the serenely transforming loop and sequences is an ambient effect that would make you feel so comfortable, and even let you forget the passage of time. Containing collaborative tracks with label mate Lidly, the album serves as a gemmy collection of downtempo Lo-Fi beats.