[English Translation]
Gen Hoshino  "YELLOW DANCER"

As indicated in its pre-released singles such as “SUN” and “Jigoku de Naze Warui? (Eng. Why Don’t You Play in Hell?),” in his fourth album, Gen Hoshino has worked head-on on soul music, old time jazz, and R&B. Though he’s never the by-nature soul-singer type, he has dared to step into an unexplored area of black music. In that sense, we might be able to find a similarity to pop musician Kenji Ozawa or cero, the pops band. However, he also succeeds in obtaining a rich groove without ruining his own folky poetic sentiment, which is proved by the fact that the only acoustic guitar sing-along song “Kuchizuke (meaning Kiss)” fits absolutely perfectly and comfortably in this album. Also heart-warming is the point that the album contains an instrumental featuring a marimba after the dissolution of SAKEROCK (, the instrumental band Hoshino used to play the marimba in). Through this masterpiece, he has proven that he has surely expanded his range as a solo artist.