Aya Nakano(なかの綾)'s mature third album "Emerald in Paradise" that glows with nocturnal charm

なかの綾 『エメラルド・イン・パラダイス』 HIGH CONTRASTヴィヴィド (2016)

Aya Nakano "Emerald in Paradise"

Having sung chic, attractive Showa-era pop, Aya Nakano drops her mature third album. It features songs that glow with deep nocturnal charm: "Juku Hatachi (meaning 19, 20)," composed by veteran singer songwriter Tetsuji Hayashi; the moody Latin Showa-era pop of "Episode One," whose lyrics and track are written by musical old guard Masamichi Sugi; a cover of "KISS" by Crystal Kay, accompanied by salsa band CENTRAL; "Magarenai kado (meaning The Arduous Corner)" with a hint of mellow mind, which recalls singer songwriter Mariya Takeuchi.