Nao Kawamura『Cue』WONK長塚健斗が参加 Suchmosの客演で知られるシンガーの初EPは陰翳に富んだ歌唱が魅力的


リベラル『I.MY.ME』での好演も光っていたシンガーが、処女作にあたるEPを完成。かねてからSuchmosやFIVE NEW OLDらの楽曲で歌ってきた人だけに、Kento NAGATSUKA(WONK)を迎えた“Dawn”などではそういった歴々に通じるヴァイブも纏っているが、陰翳に富んだ歌唱の醸す独特の空気感には固有の魅力がある。“Sleep your dream”の導き出す和の情緒も心地良い収穫だ。いずれにせよ6曲では物足りなくなる大器!


[English Translation]
A female singer known for her stunning performance on "I.MY.ME" by Japanese hip-hop artist Liberal, Nao Kawamura returns with her debut solo EP. Including "Dawn," which features Kento NAGATSUKA from experimental soul band WONK, "Cue" possesses a vibe akin to other Japanese bands like Suchmos and FIVE NEW OLD, for whom she has long been a guest singer. However, it also presents her distinctive and attractive vocals rich in delicate shades of feeling. There is a pleasant discovery too as "Sleep your dream" brings out the traditional Japanese atmosphere. After all, these six tracks are absolute crafts and will leave you craving more!