『BLUE RONDO』から4年ぶりの新作は、夏の行楽に持ってこいな開放感満点のミニ・アルバムとなった。塚本功のドライヴィンなギターも最高なアップ・チューン“泡になった恋”、レイジーなスウィンギー・ナンバー“ズキュン”など太陽の下が良く似合う好曲が並んでいる。森山加代子“月影のナポリ”やスパイダース“夕陽が泣いている”といった古の歌謡曲カヴァーもバッチリとキマっている。秋に到着予定のフル作も楽しみ!


[English Translation]
Mayumi Kojima "Nagisanite (meaning On the Beach)"

The newest release after 4 years from the previous "BLUE RONDO" turns out to be a mini-album full of refreshing openness, absolutely perfect for summer recreations. The superb groovy and surfy guitar played by Isao Tsukamoto perfects the track "Awa ni Natta Koi (meaning Love Turned Into a Bubble)" into an amazing upper tune, while "Zukyun" is a laid-back and swingy number, - a great line up that shines perfectly in the sunlight! Covers of standard Japanese 'kayokyoku' (also known as Showa era pops) such as singer Kayoko Moriyama's "Tsukikage no Napoli" from the 60s (the Japanese version of the Italian "Tintarella di Luna") or "Yuhi ga Naiteiru (meaning the Sunset is Crying)" by pop group, The Spiders, done excellently. Can't wait for the full-length release coming up this autumn!