DJ KAWASAKIによる〈モダン・ブギー〉がテーマのコンピ。近年の熱の高まり以前からブギーディスコハウス・シーンにおいてクロスオーヴァーに親しまれてきたわけで、本作の収録曲も自身の作品に通じる流麗でメロディアスなものばかり。ネオ・ソウルの名手ゾー!レアグルーヴDJとしても知られるコンなど、幅広いシーンからテーマに通ずる部分を見つけて柔軟に選曲している。MAKOTOと共作した新曲にも注目。

[English Translation]
A compilation album by DJ/producer DJ KAWASAKI, under the theme 'modern boogie'. Boogie/disco was already favoured in the house music scene, frequently cross-overed, even before the recent growing popularity, and the tracks listed here are all smooth and melodious, just like his own music. From artists such as master of neo soul, Zo! or Kon, also known as the rare groove DJ, the line-up shows a flexible selection of tracks that are relevant to the theme one way or another from a wide range of sounds and scenes. Don't miss the new song produced in collaboration with Japanese DJ/drum'n'bass musician MAKOTO!