Hi there, this is news letter from intoxicate. Intoxicate vol.156 “A scene of silence” (February 20 issue) will be on the street.

On the cover, you will meet ASKA, who resumes his nation wide concert  with his band and strings.

Three columns of “Exotic Grammar” are about the latest film “West Side Story” by Steven Spielberg. Evan Call, a film composer of the NHK taiga drama “KAMAKURADONO no 13nin (The 13 Lords of the Shogun)” and Itaru Hiruma, a photographer of NMNL poster having a show “Thank you for the photographs” now. 

There at “Pickups”, you enjoy the latest from artists, John Williams, Akiko Suwamanai, Yuta Bando, Kit Downes, Remboto, Hiroko Kokubu, Goro Itoh, Ryota Komatsu  and so forth. 

Four films intoxicate recommends are introduced, “Just remebering” (now showing), “SING; Nest Stage” (from March 18), “Annette” (from April 1), and Film Festival “A film composer from Japan, Toru Takemitsu” (From March 26 until April 15). 

Intoxicate is available at these associates and volunteers as on the following link. You can also buy the magazine at “TOWER RECORDS ONLINE”.