[English Translation]
Omoide Yarou A Team "WEEKEND SOUL BAND"

With no prep before listening, the lead song "Shumatsu wa Soul band (meaning Weekend Soul Band)" instantly made me bend over backwards with this 70s B-class soul band/old towny play and thick, husky vocal rendering the image of a loud greengrocer adoring Wilson Pickett. As I repeatedly listen to the track however, the desperate tone as if standing on the edge of life really got me. And next, featuring the guest DJ/Yakenohara’s party shaking rapping, the Afrobeat track "Sound System" clearly confirms that their music is just right for those waiting for weekends, wanting to let go of weekdays' repressed emotions. Inclusive of winds and percussion, they are the 7 piece funk band Omoide Yarou (meaning Memories buddy) A Team. Produced by acclaimed multi-instrumentalists mabanua, delivering somewhat sad melodies, unrefined raw funkness, a mellow touch similar to the latest works of cero (Japanese dream pop band), the 1st full-length album looks/sounds like it is simply embracing our ordinaries of life and that definitely urges me to cry. Cheers to you: Omoide.