DJ NOBU、現行モダン・テクノにフォーカスしドナート・ドジーなどお馴染みの強靭トラック群が押し寄せる骨太ミックス作


日本のアンダーグラウンド・シーンを最前線で牽引し続ける千葉の首領、DJ NOBUによる2年ぶりのミックス作品は、近年さらに進化を続ける現行モダン・テクノにフォーカスした内容に。ドナート・ドジースヴレカなど、彼のプレイではお馴染みの強靭なトラック群が怒涛の如く押し寄せ、ストレートに脳天を揺さぶり、強烈な鳴りが時空を歪ませる骨太ミックス。迸る狂気に身を震わせながら踊れ。

[English Translation]
The first mix album in two years from DJ NOBU, a long-time front-runner of the Japanese underground music scene who came to be known as the most powerful figure in Chiba, focuses on the present-day modern techno, which has been evolving in more recent years. Including numbers by Italian DJ/producer Donato Dozzy's and Spanish DJ/producer SVRECA, the powerful tracks frequently played in his shows surge toward you and directly shake your brains, with intense sounds of this thick mix album distorting space and time. Shiver and dance in gushing madness.